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Asia-Pacific Marketing Wrap

How a Grow Super email ruined Valentine’s Day,

The problem with content marketing: Clients don’t know what they really want,

Magazines suffer 42.5% decline in ad bookings, with newspapers not far behind,

Australia’s Largest Survey Of Millennials Reveals The Elusiveness Of The Great Australian Dream,

We are not the enemy: An open letter to journalists from a PR professional,

Johnny Ruffo & Lynne McGranger Host Emotive’s New Video Series For HelloFresh,

Ten Gives Viewers Sneak Peek Of New Reality Series ‘Bachelor In Paradise’,

Celebrating one year of advertising agency Edison - the agency creating its own category,

Spotify teams up with IPC Shopping Centre to create ‘food-and-mood’ recommendations,

Using Tinder addiction to explain the millennial skills gap,

Global Marketing Wrap

‘It lost its community of innovation’: Why agencies are skipping SXSW this year,

Snickers Opened a Valentine’s Day Restaurant, Oublié, for Couples Who Forgot to Make Reservations,

The changing face of Madison Avenue: how women are leading the way in New York's legacy agencies,

A Deserted Small Town Is Not What It Appears in This Magical New York Lottery Ad,

Reebok Has the Perfect Shoes for the Man With the World’s Fastest Feet,

How Google is using its search clout to steer publishers to use AMP,

Las Vegas’ Ad Agency Explains Why ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Isn’t Going Anywhere,

The evolution of streaming video services, in 4 charts,

Ethan Hawke Stars in The Y’s New Community-Focused Campaign,

Social Media Wrap

Sources: Peter Thiel has discussed resigning from Facebook's board amid a broader shift away from the tech industry, which he sees as intolerant of conservatism,

Only the EU can break Facebook and Google's dominance | George Soros,

Facebook Now Spamming Users With Texts if They’ve Enabled Two-Factor Security,

Snapchat petition attracts one million signatures,

How Facebook prioritizing friends' content with many comments led to a post reappearing atop people's News Feed over and over, increasing "engagement" even more,

How the Guardian’s Instagram strategy is winning new readers,

The Facebook Hackers Gaming Its Video Algorithm,

No one can tell Russian bots from average trolls on Twitter, and that's a very bad thing,

Ad Agencies Don’t Expect to Cut Down on Facebook as Site Continues Losing Younger Users,

Big meme pages are skirting Facebook's spam detection by overlaying static videos with watermark-like white arrows and triangles, and reaching millions of users,

All In

House moves toward eliminating agency tasked to prevent voting machine hacking,

The Furby Organ, a Musical Instrument Made from Furbies [video],

‘The Gun Is Our Moloch’,

Tech Luminary Peter Thiel Parts Ways With Silicon Valley,

Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand,

Coinbase Commerce: merchants can accept multiple digital currencies,

The FBI, CIA and NSA say American citizens shouldn't use Huawei phones,

Cancer Vaccine Works 'Startlingly Well' in Mouse Model,

100k happy moments,