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Asia-Pacific Marketing Wrap

Federal government launches ABC and SBS efficiency review,

Petition launched urging Qantas to pull Sky News from planes,

How to get a CFO to fall in love with brand value,

Nine’s Footy Show In Strife After “Fat Shaming” Former NRL Star,

Adobe & RMIT Partner To Address Australia’s Digital Skills Demand,

Former Droga5 Sydney CEO Sudeep Gohil joins KPMG Australia in head of brand strategy role,

Global Marketing Wrap

Vans Aims to Inspire and Educate With Its Van Gogh Museum Collection,

Under GDPR, publishers are adopting CMPs for fear of losing out on ad revenue,

Quartz forges ahead, but other news publishers shut down chatbots,

Why Marketers and Corporate Responsibility Teams Need to Collaborate When Illustrating Brand Values,

News publishers are using their brands to carve out space on TV screens,

Sellers scratch their heads over Amazon’s loophole in its AAP policy,

Why One-Off Influencer Campaigns Do More Harm Than Good,

Create & Cultivate Partners With LinkedIn, WeWork and Microsoft to Launch Latest Offering,

Tim and Eric Get Trippy to Help You Find a Better Mattress,

Why Party City is selling products on Amazon,

Social Media Wrap

Social media pressure is here to stay as a tactic against advertisers and platforms that support shows like Infowars, because it works, as Sleeping Giants shows,

Google-Facebook Dominance Hurts Ad Tech Firms, Speeding Consolidation,

Report: Facebook exec Campbell Brown told Australian media execs Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care about publishers, implied papers would die "in hospice" without FB,

Twitter Lite expands to 21 more countries, adds push notifications,

Shoppers are buying clothes just for the Instagram pic, and then returnng them,

With news-feed user growth slowing, Facebook revs its pitch for Instagram Stories,

Facebook Engagement Sharply Drops 50% Over Last 18 Months,

Snapchat's loosened standards for video and changes to advertising, like its use of consumer data and computerized auctions, make it less of an internet rebel,

All In

France to Ban Cellphones in Schools to Tackle Addiction,

AP: Google Tracks Your Location Even When You Disable ‘Location HIstory’,

Salt not as damaging to health as previously thought, says study,

In a Town of 11 People, Mysterious Disappearance Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor,

Elon Musk confirms his bid to take Tesla private, backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund,

The Age of Cretinism,

Punctuation that failed to make its mark,

Deloitte: since 2015, China has outspent the US by $24B in 5G infrastructure and has built 350K new cell sites, compared to less than 30K in US,

Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Out of His Depth,

Richard Russell’s Flight Experience Before Stealing a Plane? ‘I Played Video Games’,

Kevin Durant, Will Smith Top the Lineup for a New Venture-Capital Fund,

Update on Taking Tesla Private – Tesla,