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Asia-Pacific Marketing Wrap

Girl PR Rebrands As Girl Communications,

Delacon Launches Call Analytics In India,

Advertisers should always remember the power of optimism,

Qantas and Rugby Australia were wrong to try to gag Israel Folau,

‘The travel marketing industry is using AI like a drunk uses a lamp post’,

Amazon launches Alexa Agency Plan,

Study: Aussie Advertising Jobs Set To Soar (Although Don’t Expect A Pay Rise),

AANA launches quarterly index on Australians’ attitudes to advertising,

Global Marketing Wrap

Adidas Created Personalized Videos for 30,000 Boston Marathon Runners in 24 Hours,

CVS debuts beauty campaign free of airbrushing,

Under Armour and The Rock Elevate a New Generation of Role Models With ‘Will Finds a Way’,

Ad tech firms are quitting Europe, blaming the GDPR (often as a scapegoat),

How 3 Brands Brought Tech to Life at Coachella,

What Human Teams Can Learn From Machine Learning Marketing Algorithms,

WPP’s Co-COO Mark Read Reassures Staff in Post-Sorrell Memo Sent to All 200,000 Employees,

National Geographic’s Upfront Pitch Highlights Power of Storytelling, and Returning Franchises,

How Discovery gets people to average 75 minutes with its TV apps,

‘It’s certainly never going to end’: How Chase polices brand safety on YouTube,

Social Media Wrap

Facebook moves 1.5bn users out of reach of new European privacy law,

Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram |Symeon Brown,

How Europe's 'breakthrough' privacy law takes on Facebook and Google,

Minds Is the Anti-Facebook That Pays You For Your Time,

Can data science save social media?,

Sources and job listings show Facebook is building a team to design its own chips for AI, joining the trend among tech giants to lower dependence on chipmakers,

Instagram Stories have become traffic drivers for publishers and influencers,

Snapchat just proved why lenses are a bigger deal than Stories,

Facebook has effectively turned off its API,

Scuttlebutt, a Decentralized Alternative to Facebook,

All In

Savedroid back online: it was just a bad joke not a coin scam,

Since 2016, Half of All Coral in the Great Barrier Reef Has Died,

Inc. 30 Under 30,

Amazon worker’s median pay in 2017: $28,446,

Amazon Reboots the Studio Where ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘E.T.’ Were Made,

How Much Is a Word Worth?,

The Woman Who Leads NightWatch, Google's Internal Privacy Strike Force,

Russia appears to have surrendered to SpaceX in the global launch market,

Your Looks and Your Inbox (2009),

What homelessness looks like for my mom,

Palantir Knows Everything About You,

Sources: Netflix has considered buying movie theaters in New York and Los Angeles, including Landmark Theatres, but the price was too high,