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Free online courses from top universities,

A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm,

Rebuilding Quantum Theory From Simple Physical Principles,

Words we don’t want to lose,

Jeff Bezos's Net Worth Just Broke $100B,

A Japanese politician took her baby to work. The patriarchy was not impressed,

Can an Autonomous Sailboat Cross the Atlantic?,

Black Friday just made Jeff Bezos the world’s only $100-billionaire,

OK Go lets printers do the dancing in new music video,

I fell down a bit of a ruins research rabbithole today,


Yes, I am editing, which is why it is semi-automated. And yes, I do understand the scepticism around the notion of information these days, be it real or fake, but what I am culling is mainly double-ups of information as a lot of the sources end up reporting on the same things. See, the funny thing about information is, there’s never enough unique stuff going around.

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