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Selected Links

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions,

50M Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach,

How Europeans evolved white skin (2015),

Can we fix it? The repair cafes waging war on throwaway culture,

How Did Astronaut DNA Become 'Fake News'?,

Complex Human Cultures Are Older Than Scientists Thought,

'Looks good enough to eat': inside the home of Japan's fake food industry,

Cambridge Analytica employee on targeting FB profiles to manipulate elections,

Trump Campaign Data Consultants Cambridge Analytica Took 50 Million Facebook Users' Data,

In Praise of ADHD,


Yes, I am editing, which is why it is semi-automated. And yes, I do understand the scepticism around the notion of information these days, be it real or fake, but what I am culling is mainly double-ups of information as a lot of the sources end up reporting on the same things. See, the funny thing about information is, there’s never enough unique stuff going around.

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