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Selected Links

What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused?,

MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery,

11-year-old boy hacks into replica U.S. vote site in minutes,

Bitcoin, Ether Sink as ‘Sense of Panic’ Grips Crypto Investors,

Penn Jillette, in Conversation,

Turkey’s Lira Crisis Tests Erdogan’s Authoritarian Approach,

15 of the Most Important Algorithms That Helped Define Math, Computing, Physics,

Turkey’s Erdogan Fought a Coup With His iPhone. Now, He Wants to Boycott U.S. Goods.,

Google tracks users who turn off location history,

The SF Bay Area, where the streets are paved with single young men,


Yes, I am editing, which is why it is semi-automated. And yes, I do understand the scepticism around the notion of information these days, be it real or fake, but what I am culling is mainly double-ups of information as a lot of the sources end up reporting on the same things. See, the funny thing about information is, there’s never enough unique stuff going around.

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